Greetings fellow Human! Personally I’ve been doing pretty good, I’m healthy and having fun doing all sortsof things. In other words i’ve been procrastinating quite a bit ....haha. It's been awhile since my last update so here is a sneak peek at ΔMuse.

Currently I am stuck on the development for this game. It slowed down to a crawl due to me being unable to think up level designs. I am absolutely terrible at making levels 😔. It's as if I’ve lost direction and after giving it some thoughts I started to disagree with my riginal Dev Document for this game... I kept adding and removing things and then I got stuck.

Maybe All I need is some direction or some input from family friends or even strangers. Note: (I just seem to be really bad at making any levels.) Also…. The previous couple of weeks I've felt a bit lost about what to do regarding my career, so I spoke with various people and come to the conclusion that what I must do first of all is to make an attractive portfolio as well as learn skills required in my local market (Panama).

I'm going to make a great effort to change the state of my workflow! For that I will be enumerating the things i want to do for the immediate future!

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